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Using Twitter as a Professional Development Tool

Twitter als Einstieg und Mittelpunkt einer Persönlichen Lernumgebung, eines „Personal Learning Networks“. Der Autor bricht eine Lanze für das selbstorganisierte, informelle Lernen mit/ durch Social Media und schließt mit zwei interessanten Literaturhinweisen: „Nuts and Bolts: Building a Personal Learning Network (PLN)“ (Jane Bozarth) und „Build a powerful PLN“ (Steve Wheeler).

„A well-cultivated PLN can also be your most powerful search engine, surpassing Google or Yahoo. When I am researching a learning and performance topic, my PLN is my primary research tool. Instead of a Google search, I send a question out to my network, and quickly receive answers to my query that come from the minds and experience of individuals I have chosen to connect with. In almost all cases, the resources shared by my PLN are better than those I am able to find from a standard Google search.“
David Kelly, Learning Circuits Blog, 6. März 2012

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