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MOOCs for the win!

Ein brillianter Beitrag von George Siemens, in dem er die aktuelle MOOC-Debatte, angestoßen von Clark Quinn und mittlerweile sogar in der New York Times angekommen, zusammenfasst und erläutert, warum ihn das Konzept nach wie vor so reizt:

„We were both at a Desire2Learn conference in Memphis in 2008. And we were both tired of arguing about connectivism („is it a theory“). We decided that experiencing networked learning was important to understanding networked learning. Instead of talking connectivism, we wanted to create an experience that was essentially connectivist: open, distributed, learner-defined, social, and complex.“

„I’ve argued something similar to Sui Fai John Mak in the past, namely that MOOCs are platforms on which learners build and construct their learning. They exist to bring people together … and when you have a group of smart, motivated folks in one area, neat things will happen. The „bringing together“ may be one of the most important aspects of a MOOC.“
George Siemens, elearnspace, 5. März 2012

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