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Seven black swans for education in 2012

Dave Cormier, einer der MOOC-Promotoren, hat angesichts der Vielzahl der Jahresrückblicke kapituliert. Stattdessen präsentiert er uns sieben Schwarze Schwäne. Für alle, die (wie ich) Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Buch nur vom Hörensagen kennen, hier die kurze Einführung von Dave Cormier:

„I thought i might want to do something a little different this year… I want to talk about Black Swans. A black swan is a suprise event that changes the whole nature of a conversation. They are events that, in hindsight, EVERYONE wants to say they saw coming, but no one (or few people) predicted ahead of time. They are usually dramatic events, though it’s not the level of the drama that’s important, but rather the impact that it has.“

Und hier seine Schwäne:
Black Swan 7 – Free WORKING LMS for learning
Black Swan 6 – Copyright Bans Open textbooks in the US
Black Swan 5 – Oil his $400/barrel
Black Swan 4 – US government invests in Analytics
Black Swan 3 – International students stop coming
Black Swan 2 – Free books for everyone!
Black Swan 1 – MIT accredits MOOCs

Dave Cormier, Dave’s Educational Blog, 19. Dezember 2011

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