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E-learning in 2011: a retrospective

Tony Bates präsentiert hier eine hervorragende Zusammenfassung des laufenden Jahres: Learning Management Systems, Course Redesign, Mobile Learning und Open Educational Resources sind einige seiner Stichworte. Okay, ich hätte natürlich noch ein paar Zeilen über MOOCs ergänzt …

„Conclusion. Slow but definite progress in online learning was made in 2011. Certainly growth continues, and there is a great deal of innovative activity around the fringes of formal courses, and especially in informal learning. The LMS and lecture capture remain though the bedrock for most online learning, and that’s not the future I’m looking for.

And I do miss Amy, a great singer. Let’s see what happens in 2012.“
Tony Bates, e-learning and distant education resources, 13. Dezember 2011

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