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Organisational Maturity 1 – All organisations are immature when it comes to learning

Paul Kearns erinnert hier noch einmal an das Konzept (oder besser: das Label?) der „Lernenden Organisation“, das ja seit Peter M. Senge’s „The Fifth Discipline“ eine immer wieder gerne beschworene Zielmarke darstellt. Deshalb schadet es nicht, einen Blick auf Kearns‘ „Learning Maturity Scale“ zu werfen. Nach Stage 4 wird die Luft meistens sehr dünn!

„Do you remember something called the ‘learning organisation’?  It was all the rage about 15 years ago.  All of a sudden everyone was calling themselves a learning organisation because if you were not a learning organisation then what were you – a stupid organisation perhaps?  It was a no-brainer that you had to jump on this particular bandwagon irrespective of whether you had any understanding of the concept and regardless of how many miles you were away from the reality of what a learning organisation looks and feels like.“ (via Harold Jarche)
Paul Kearns, Evidence-Based HR, 6. Dezember 2011


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