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7 Things You Should Know About MOOCs

Eine hervorragende Zusammenfassung, die EDUCAUSE hier im bewährten „7 things you should know about …“ präsentiert. Kurze Absätze zu Stichworten wie „What is it?“, „How does it work?“, „Who’s is doing it?“ usw. Unter „What are the implications for teaching and learning?“ heißt es: „But perhaps the most significant contribution is the MOOC’s potential to alter the relationship between learner and instructor and between academe and the wider community by potentially providing a very large and diverse forum and meeting place for ideas. Those enrolling in a MOOC are likely to discover learning at its most open on a platform that invites the world not only to see and hear but also to participate and collaborate.“

Passend zur aktuellen MOOC-Saison!
EDUCAUSE, 9. November 2011

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