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Is the Traditional Corporate University Dead?

Die ING Bank in Amsterdam verfolgt eine interessante Strategie, um den veränderten Lernanforderungen in ihrem Umfeld gerecht zu werden: Sie nennen es „Connect3“ und …

„… the name reflects their philosophy that the most effective corporate learning derives from connecting (1) people with information, (2) people with people, and (3) communities with communities.

The Connect3 strategy consists of a sort of 1-2-3 punch of coordinated “learning events” all focused on expanding the corporate learning platform. First, Jansma and Egges gather articles and reports about relevant trends in management, banking, and finance. Next, they broadcast out what they call “Research Alerts” – a summary and links to the articles – using the social bookmarking site Diigo and via an email blast to any ING employee who signed up for the alerts. …“

Für Autor Karl Moore ist ING ein willkommener Anlass, darauf hinzuweisen, dass Corporate Universities (oder Business Schools oder Learning & Development, oder …, you name it) sich endlich von ihrem Fokus auf „classroom learning“ verabschieden sollten.
Karl Moore, Forbes, 7. September 2011

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