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The Long View

Jay Cross, der gerne als Erfinder des Begriffs „e-Learning“ gehandelt wird (und solchen Einschätzungen bereitwillig zustimmt), erzählt in diesem Interview über seinen Werdegang, seine Begegnungen mit neuen Herausforderungen und neuen Formen des Lernens. Dabei fallen auch Sätze, die man sich gerne zur späteren Vertiefung ankreuzt:

„If people are going to learn on their own, you’ve got to give them time to talk. Conversation is the most important learning technology the world has ever seen. Conversations are the stem-cells of knowledge.“

„Informal learning and formal learning aren’t two different things. They are points on a continuum of all learning, and the degree of formality can be more or less.“

„People who regard themselves as just trainers are cutting themselves off from the future. More and more learning is migrating to social networks. Training folks who are not really taking advantage of networks are abdicating their responsibility for facilitating organizational learning.“
Jay Cross, T+D magazine, September 2011 (via Jay Cross’s Learnstream)

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