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Stanford University does a MOOC

Auch wenn es schwer ist einzuschätzen, was von der MOOC-Idee übrig bleibt, wenn eine Institution wie Stanford sie umarmt: George Siemens begrüßt die Ankündigung:

„Why is the Stanford course an important development? Well, first, it reflects the logical next stage of education and openness: as the course authors state in their intro video, “we want to teach the world”. Second, education is ripe for change and transformation and alternative models, that take advantage of global connectedness, are important to explore. Third, when traditional universities such as U of Illinois (eduMOOC) and now Stanford start opening up courses, it’s reasonable to expect that we’ll be seeing more of these in the next several years. Finally, learning in a global cohort is an outstanding experience – networking on steroids!
George Siemens, elearnspace, 4. August 2011

3 Responses to “Stanford University does a MOOC”

  1. Andreas Link

    Am 5.8. relativiert George aber seinen Blog-Post wegen. des zu verwendenden ‚Lehrbuchs‘:

    „yeah, just looked at the book cost after I posted – apparently it’s $150 cdn. ouch. with a rumored 25k people enrolled, Norvig stands to earn some royalties here.
    If the text is central and if open supplementary resources cannot be found, it’s not an open course. However, being able to attend lectures, engage in conversation with other learners (depending on how they’ve designed interaction in the course), share code, etc., then it is a halting step in the right direction – the kind that a university makes when it knows something is happening „out there“ but isn’t quite able to conceive the scope of change and retains a partial position in its existing system :).“

    (George Siemens am 5.8.11 in


  2. Andreas Link

    Als MOOC-Initiatoren werden allgemein schon George Siemens, Dave Cormier und Stephen Downes (die alten Connectivisten 🙂 anerkannt.

    Beim Stanford-MOOC soll ja am Schluß der ‚Lernerfolg’/die Beteiligung der Attendees gerankt werden. Mal sehen, ob da nicht die hinteren Plätze schon ab Rang 2000 beginnen 🙂

    Schönes Wochenende!


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