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Training Secrets From Inside The Googleplex

Nun, die großen „secrets“ habe ich nicht entdecken können, aber immerhin die Bestätigung eines allgemeinen Trends zur Kürze bzw. „bite-sized chunks“:

„Once a quarter, the company tosses a larger training at the staff, called SalesPro, which takes a deep dive into one particular strategic issue, like display advertising or the mobile business. The soup-to-nuts program takes about six hours, but rather than delivering it all in one fell swoop, or even through a series of hour-long, do-it-yourself modules, Google breaks the information into bite-sized chunks lasting no more than seven minutes each, so agents can download and peruse them at their desks, on their commutes, even on their cell phones while watching Little League or waiting in line at airport security.“
E.E. Boyd, Fast Company, 21. Juni 2011

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