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eXtending the Web

Steve Wheeler, Associate Professor an der Faculty of Education der University of Plymouth, wirft in dieser Präsentation einen interessanten Blick in die Zukunft: Web x.0, E-Learning 3.0, Cloud Learning Environment, Augmented Reality und Smart Devices sind einige seiner Stichworte.

„My subject was „The eXtended Web – New and Emerging Learning Technologies“ – it was essentially a gaze into the future of e-learning where smart mobile technologies create a ubiquitous learning context, and where semantic software predicts your needs even before you ask the computer. It’s not too hard to envisage this, including 3D manipulation of virtual objects and natural gesture driven learning, and of course the use of augmented reality for learning and context awareness while on the move. The technology is already here, in both handheld and wearable versions … but it may take some time before everyone who wants access to them can have it.“
Steve Wheeler, Learning with ‚e’s, 19. November 2010

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