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PLENK 2010, Weeks 4-6: Learning Theories, Evaluation and Literacies

Wer es wie ich nur selten schafft, dem Curriculum eines offenen Kurses wie PLENK2010 zu folgen, freut sich bestimmt über solche Zusammenfassungen. Stefanie Panke berichtet von Woche 4 („Theoretical Background for Personal Learning Environments“), Woche 5 („Evaluating personal learning environments“) und Woche 6 („Personal Learning Literacies“) und davon, wie schwierig es ist, in einem MOOC den roten Faden nicht zu verlieren:

„Lately, I’ve had a hard time keeping up with and documenting my attendance at PLENK2010, mainly because I missed several Web meetings and found it difficult to follow the discussion. Looking at the discussion forums, I sense that this is a common experience. Recurring reasons for passive participation or dropping out altogether are the lack of structure and the feeling that „it’s all been said.“
Stefanie Panke, Educational Technology & Change (ETC), 22. Oktober 2010 

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