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What is the future of the LMS?

Eine kurze Bestandsaufnahme einer laufenden Verhandlung. Haben Lernplattformen, wie wir sie seit über zehn Jahren kennen und einsetzen, eine Zukunft? Jane Hart möchte gerne die Perspektive weiten, denn „by focusing on an LMS, organisations are missing the big picture“. Lernen bedeutet nicht nur formale Qualifizierung: „So what is needed is a organisational system that SUPPORTS and ENABLES this informal approach to learning.“ Auf den Punkt gebracht.
Jane Hart, Social Media in Learning, 4. Mai 2010

Nachtrag (05.05.2010): Harold Jarche assistiert hier in gleicher Sache: „OK, so here’s the deal – if learning is work and work is learning, why is organizational learning controlled by a learning management systems (LMS) that isn’t connected to the work being done in the enterprise?“ („LMS is no longer the centre of the universe“)

2 Responses to “What is the future of the LMS?”

  1. Angela Grollmisch

    First of all – what does Jane mean by organizational learning? From my understanding, organizational learning has never been controlled by an LMS and won’t be controlled in the future.
    I agree, that the way we are consume information today and in the future would be difficult to be control by a certain type of LMS. I’m pretty sure that the concept of LMS will change on the road of informal learning. BTW: intelligent views has generated an interesting concept of supporting and enabling learning processes by using a semantic technology. It is heavy work to get in done and maintained but it could be a solution, always if somebody invents a technique and technology of getting objects semantically described an automated way ;-))

  2. Angela grollmisch | Heavenandearth

    […] What is the future of the LMS? | weiterbildungsblog3. Mai 2010 … 1 Comments For This Post. Angela Grollmisch Says: May 10th, 2010 at 9:26 am. First of all – what does Jane mean by organizational learning? […]


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