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Economic Crisis Boosts E-Learning

Ja, was bedeutet die ökonomische Krise für e-Learning? Die Antworten der e-Learning-Anwender und -Anbieter, die jetzt auf den Seiten der Online Educa zu lesen sind, sollen Mut machen, wirken aber stereotyp und irreführend. „The opportunity will be greater than the threat“, heißt es natürlich, denn wer Kosten sparen will, muss auf e-Learning setzen. Da versucht man jahrelang aufzuzeigen, dass e-Learning mehr ist als „training“, „rapid“ und „cost-saving“, und in wenigen Zeilen wird alles wieder auf den „harten Kern“ reduziert. „The newest solutions make it possible to turn a PowerPoint presentation into a course for a thousand employees within two hours using a simple editing program. The ROI outperfoms training in a classroom.“ So wird der E-Learning Manager von Total zitiert, und da weiß man doch sofort, wo man unter keinen Umständen Lerner sein möchte.

Nein, da ziehe ich lieber meinen Hut vor Elliott Masie, der in diesen Tagen die Krise beim Namen nennt und auf Solidarität setzt: „When Learning Folks Get Laid Off! Unfortunately, almost every day, I am receiving a note in my mailbox from someone in the learning field who has been laid off or who is worried about losing their job. As we see layoffs in the news, the learning function is being hit pretty significantly, in both headcounts and budget. The MASIE Center is organizing a Task Force to create a set of resources for Learning Professionals who are in this crisis. We will be building a Support Group and other resources to help our colleagues through a tough time. If you would like to volunteer to help with this effort, please send me a note to“.
Online Educa, November 2008

Nachtrag (30.11.): Schön zu sehen, dass andere mit den Statements auf den Seiten von Online Educa auch ihre Schwierigkeiten haben: „Christophe Binot, E-Learning Manager at the French oil firm Total, adds: „The newest solutions make it possible to turn a PowerPoint presentation into a course for a thousand employees within two hours. The ROI outperfoms training in a classroom.“

What the HUH!!! eLearning is NOT about turning some kind of stupid non-descriptive, non-assessing powerpoint into a course! Can you imagine the non-interactivity of these powerpoints?! I mean in TWO HOURS! Oh my lord and goddess! How can OEB keep this quote in a press release? They know better than that. Okay he will be a keynote speaker at their conference, but looking at what is quoted here, I can almost imagine what his speech will be about (but I give him the benefit of the doubt, miss quotations have been made before).“ (Ignatia/Inge de Waard)

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