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Changing Knowledge Worker Attitudes

Ist das wirklich noch so? „… many knowledge workers regard training and professional development as the responsibility of the organization, not their own …“ Ich weiß nicht, ob man wirklich Knowledge Worker sein kann und sich gleichzeitig ganz auf seine Organisation oder sein Unternehmen verläßt, was die eigenen Kompetenzen und ihre Entwicklung betrifft. Wie auch immer, an diese Zielgruppe richtet sich jedenfalls Michele Martins Appell, berechtigt und überzeugend:

„I think we’re operating from old knowledge and learning paradigms that developed in an industrial age when companies owned the means of production. As a worker, you couldn’t make a living if you didn’t have access to the (expensive) machinery owned by the company. So you waited for the company to tell you what you should learn-they knew best. But now, WE own the means of production-it’s in our heads. It’s what we know and can do. Do we really want to turn that over to the organization to decide? Or do we want to be the people who say „I’m going to take charge of my own learning. I’m going to be curious and pay attention to what’s changing and where things are going and I’m going to pro-actively prepare myself for those things, regardless of whether or not the organization tells me I need to learn this.“

To me, this is really why personal learning and creating a personal learning environment is so critically necessary. I don’t believe that we can rely on the organizations that employ us to drive what we learn. Yes, we need to be responsive to what they need us to know-we need to attend the trainings our bosses suggest, etc. But as individual workers, I don’t believe that we can afford to wait around for someone else to tell us what to learn. We shouldn’t be waiting to receive permission or be empowered. We should be seizing that power and doing everything with it that we can. Our knowledge and skills are the only „job security we have.“ And we’ve seen time and time again what happens when we turn over job security to someone else.“
Michele Martin, Work Literacy, 13 Juni 2008

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