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Essays by Marvin Minsky

Marvin Minsky ist einer der Pioniere auf dem Gebiet der künstlichen Intelligenz und Begründer des Labors für KI am Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Auf dem OLPC-Wiki liegt jetzt eine Reihe interessanter Essays vor (Minsky nennt sie „Memos“), in denen Minsky diskutieren will, „how our computers could help to advance our children’s educational development“. Themen sind z.B. „What makes Mathematics hard to learn?“ oder „Finding Mentors in Network Communities“. Daraus ein kurzer Ausschnitt:„Today, our networks are rapidly growing while, at the same time, the world-population is rapidly aging — and this could be a huge new source for mentoring. Soon we’ll have hundreds of millions of retired (and child-free) persons, and this will include great numbers of wise and experienced ones who’ve been left with more than enough “spare time” to mentor great numbers of children. …

How can we make productive connections to those millions of faraway mentors? This already happens spontaneously in many thousands of special-interest groups that exist on the World Wide Web. One trouble is that a good many such groups have had cycles in which they flourish, and then deteriorate—so we need to find ways to stabilize them.“
Marvin Minsky, One Laptop Per Child, Februar – April 2008

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