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How People Learn Systems

Bei der Einführung eines neuen, unternehmensweiten IT Systems gehört die umfassende Qualifizierung der Mitarbeiter, so darf man hoffen, zum Change-Prozess. Aber, und das ist die Kernbotschaft dieses leider etwas akademisch daherkommenden Artikels, dabei wird oft auf das falsche Pferd gesetzt, nämlich ausschließlich auf formales Training:

„Training is only one of many factors that influence users’ IT skills and level of usage. People tend to learn about computing by adopting, using and altering it during their day. Learning occurs through practice. There is a clear and strong relationship between how work groups learn about the computing they use in their jobs and how they perform those jobs (George et al, 1995). There is a critical relationship between group learning-in-context and the emergence of communities of practice around certain computing applications and systems. Learning which happens within the working environment, alongside co-workers, while carrying out the run-of-the-mill tasks is the most efficient form of learning (Lave and Wenger, 1991). Managers might be more successful in encouraging IT use by identifying key opinion leaders within the work groups, encouraging those people to champion system usage, and encouraging the concept of employees being co-learners within their job and work settings.“
Stephen Gourlay und Carol Baily, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), März 2008

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