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12 Wishes for Our LMS and LCMS

„1. Focus on the Learner: Most Learning Management Systems are focused on the organization’s perspectives on learning and training. They know how to track attendance, participation and certification. These are important, but not sufficient. We need to have our Learning Systems focus on the LEARNER. They should know more about the learner, from background to style to context, and aggressively make learning easier, more efficient and continuous for the learner. While reports of learning consumed are interesting, we really want our learners to turn to these systems for real support in learning.“

Die anderen Wünsche: „Content, Content and Content“, „Ratings, Please“, „More Context“, „Performance Support Tools“, „Social Knowledge“, „Learning Systems as Components“, „Focus on the Role“, „UserContent Authoring“, „Learning Systems as Service“, „The Lifecycle of Learning Systems“, „Learning Systems as Human Capital/Talent Systems“. Ich weiß nicht, welche Punkte es in zukünftige Pflichtenhefte schaffen, aber in die Köpfe der Beteiligten gehören sie sicher.
Elliott Masie, Learning TRENDS, 13 Februar 2008

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