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Great conversation: Dave Snowden and Jon Husband

Ein Interview, das Jon Husband mit Dave Snowden geführt hat und dem er den Titel „The impact of Web 2.0 on Knowledge Work and Knowledge Management“ gegeben hat. Ray Sims hat es ein „outstanding KM 1.0 requiem“ genannt und die wichtigsten Statements Dave Snowdens festgehalten. Zum Beispiel:

„If you are asking “how to create a knowledge sharing culture?,” you really don’t understand. It is a stupid question. Rather, ask “what you can do to encourage and facilitate connections?” Leading to…the best role for a KM Director today is to help facilitate connections.“

„Never use rewards or incentives for information contributions as this leads to gaming by those that are better at managing than at creating/innovating.“

„Similar to KM (as practiced in its first ten years), centralized standardized dictated IT is going to need to go away. Security concerns are real and should focus on protecting corporate data, not in regimenting the means of collaboration.“
Hörenswert! (via Stephen Downes)
Ray Sims, Sims Learning Connections, 27 Oktober 2007

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