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One Laptop Per Child, Reviewed by 12-Year-Old

Von wegen „Zapping Generation“! „SG“ beschreibt exzellent, was ihm am One Laptop Per Child-Rechner gefällt und was nicht. Derzeit 98 Kommentare!

„I’ve spent all of my life around computers and laptops. I’m only 12 years old though, so I’m not about to go off and start programming a computer to do my homework for me or anything. My parents use computers a lot, so I know about HTML and mother boards and stuff, but still I’m not exactly what you would call an expert. I just use the computer for essays, surfing the web, etc.
Over the last few days, I spent a lot of time on this laptop. I went on the program for typing documents, took silly pictures with the camera, went on the web, played the matching game, recorded my voice on the music-making application, and longed for someone to join me on the laptop-to-laptop messaging system. Here is what I discovered about the OLPC laptops: …“ (via Stephen Downes)
SG, Freedom to Tinker, 10 August 2007
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