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„Can workers really e-Learn at their desks?“

Am 5. Juli diesen Jahres hatte Elliott Masie die Leser seines Newsletters um Rückmeldung gebeten. Ist das heute noch ein Thema, hatte ich mich kurz gefragt? Ist es offensichtlich, wie die über 50 Antworten zeigen! Allerdings ohne klare Tendenz, von „yes“ über „it depends“ bis „no“ ist alles vertreten.

„I had a phone call just this morning with our head of HR in Europe on this very issue. We were discussing plans for our pilot of a new global development program for our managers. His concern was that eLearning at the desk would result in low completion rates. I asked him if he was thinking of the „old“ style eLearning — the kind of stand-alone learning that takes students from start to finish on a topic and takes 30+ minutes to complete. He was.

I explained that the role of our new eLearning is different. We’re using eLearning to tee up the subsequent experiences that will deliver the bulk of the learning. More specifically, we’re using 5-10 minute podcasts and video segments to frame upcoming conversations and to facilitate coaching and mentoring relationships (think jumpstarting social networking around a particular competency). „In that case,“ my colleague said, „ELearning seems like a great idea.“
(Michael Glazer, Dean, Burson-Marsteller University)
The MASIE Center, 20 Juli 2007
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