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Knowledge management: Is HR in the know?

Wie steht KM heute da: „So in order to survive, KM has become increasingly people-focussed, with an emphasis on informal sessions and personal contact.“ Aber warum hat dann HR so wenig damit zu tun? Um mögliche Berührungsängste abzubauen, empfiehlt der Autor vier Schritte: „Facilitate communities“; „Write your own Yellow Pages“; „Open things up“; „Remember the individual“.

KM-Experte David Gurteen, dessen Statements diesem Artikel Gerüst und Richtung geben, findet zumindest einen Punkt dieser Aufzählung missverständlich und hat an anderer Stelle – wie ich finde notwendig und hilfreich – ergänzt:
„The only way a Yellow Pages system will work is where people see the value and keep their profiles updated themselves. I think Corporate Yellow Pages also need to learn a lesson or two from MySpace, FaceBook and other Social Networking platforms where people are given a wide array of tools to personalize their home page and to link with other people and activities.
In other words, help people see the value, make it easy, make it social and make it fun and people will update their own entries.“

Rob Lewis, HR Zone, 29 Mai 2007
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