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WHO SAYS WE KNOW. On the New Politics of Knowledge

Larry Sanger ist Mitbegründer von Wikipedia, hat aber heute mit dem strikt egalitären Ansatz der Wikipedianer seine Probleme und deshalb eine neue Online-Enzyklopädie, Citizendium, gegründet. In diesem wort- und argumentreichen Artikel legt er dar, dass man Experten und Nicht-Experten benötigt, will man die Qualität einer Online-Enzyklopädie sichern bzw. verbessern. Experten sind unverzichtbar, so Sanger, und wenn wir es schaffen, sie zu integrieren, steigt unsere Chance „of getting the truth“.

„As it turns out, our many Web 2.0 revolutionaries have been so thoroughly seized with the successes of strong collaboration that they are resistant to recognizing some hard truths. As wonderful as it might be that the hegemony of professionals over knowledge is lessening, there is a downside: our grasp of and respect for reliable information suffers. With the rejection of professionalism has come a widespread rejection of expertise — of the proper role in society of people who make it their life’s work to know stuff. This, I maintain, is not a positive development; but it is also not a necessary one. We can imagine a Web 2.0 with experts. We can imagine an Internet that is still egalitarian, but which is more open and welcoming to specialists. The new politics of knowledge that I advocate would place experts at the head of the table, but — unlike the old order — gives the general public a place at the table as well. (Hervorhebungen von mir, JR)
Larry Sanger, Edge, April 2007
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