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Opportunities in our Laps?

Über Nicholas Negropontes „One Laptop Per Child“ (OLPC)- Initiative ist bereits viel gesagt und geschrieben worden. Trotzdem: Wayne Hodgins Artikel fasst nicht nur die wichtigsten Eckdaten des Projekts kurz zusammen. Er stellt darüber hinaus viele Fragen. Nicht um das Projekt zu kritisieren, sondern weil er fasziniert ist vom Potenzial dieser Idee. Die wichtigsten Fragen betreffen aus meiner Sicht die Rolle der Lehrer in diesem Projekt:

„Imagine “classrooms” in many of these countries that are in extremely remote locations, without power, desks or most other basics, and yet literally the next day, each student walks in with one of these laptops in hand. The children, with the combination of their great gifts of constant curiosity and so little to “unlearn”, will likely take to these laptops with great ease and speed. But what will be the reaction of teachers and other adults in the community?

There is no current funding or plans for any associated teacher training programs to go with the OLPC project. Is this foolish or brilliant? Should such teacher training and “train the trainer” programs be formally developed or will it be better to leave this to the teachers and adults themselves? Will teachers learn (and teach) best by doing so with their students and adopting a “guide on the side” type approach?“ (via Stephen Downes)
Wayne Hodgins, Off Course – On Target, 19 April 2007
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