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Does e-learning lead to social isolation?

Nur noch wenige Stunden bis zum Urlaub, und ich stöbere gerade etwas durch verschiedene Blogs. Graham Attwell’s „The Wales-Wide Web“ zum Beispiel. Graham sitzt offensichtlich gerade an einem Buch über „e-learning in Small and Medium Enterprises“, reist durch Europa, wenn irgendwo „ePortfolios“ auf der Agenda stehen und tauscht sich mit anderen darüber aus, ob e-Learning zu sozialer Isolation führt. Und die Gedanken zum letzten Punkt sind so wichtig, dass ich sie kurz festhalte:

„It was a perception, rather than an experienced reality, that e-learning would be socially isolating. But in reality I think they are probably right. Learning is a social activity. basically, mots e-learing has replicated the cognitive processes of the classroom, whilst paying little or no attention to the social processes. What is interesting from our research is we found many workers using ICT for informal learning – using web sites, forums, chat functions etc. No-one complained that this was socially isolating. But of source they did not, themselves, perceive this as learning. Neither did their managers.

So it is partly to do with the perceptions of e-learning and partly to do with the pedagogy. The use of social software and the promotion of informal e-learning can overcome both perceptions and the reality of isolation.“
Graham Attwell, The Wales-Wide Web, 14 August 2006
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