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Stephen Downes and the OLDaily

Es gibt eine Sache, die ich täglich (fast) Zeile für Zeile lese: den Newsletter OLDaily von Stephen Downes. In diesem Interview erzählt Stephen über die Anfänge, über Tools, die ihm wichtig sind, und über Trends, von denen er glaubt, dass sie in nächster Zeit wichtig werden. Und wie bei ihm Hobby und Arbeit verbunden sind:

„In reality, OLDaily takes me about two hours a day to produce, and the server costs are not significant (I pay for server space for NewsTrolls, and could easily host OLDaily on the same account). These two hours are typically 7:00 – 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 – 5:00 p.m., which means that it is almost produced outside my work hours as it is.

In addition, since the NRC has disbanded the e-learning research group (I have been reassigned to ‘Internet Logic’) and moving away from e-learning per se (I have been asked to work in other areas, such as human-computer interaction) the production of OLDaily (and of e-learning in general) is becoming less and less a part of my professional work and more of (as it was originally) a hobby.“
David Tosh, Edufilter, 18 August 2006
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