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Stop apologising for knowledge management!

Ich mag an dieser Kolumne, dass sie sich (fast) problemlos auf e-Learning übertragen lässt!!

„So I cringe every time someone who talks or writes about knowledge management (KM) starts by apologising for the name or criticising it in some way:

„I am sorry to have to use the term ‘knowledge management’ but there isn’t a better term. Maybe I would do better calling ‘knowledge sharing’ or something!“
Or, „Let me start by saying that KM is an oxymoron – you cannot manage knowledge.“

I wonder if they really think that there could ever be a short two or three word phrase that could adequately described this discipline we call knowledge management.“
David Gurteen, Inside Knowledge, Vol. 9, No. 9, 31 Mai 2006
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2 Responses to “Stop apologising for knowledge management!”

  1. Hannes Treichl

    Vielleicht ‚knowledgeing‘ als neues Kunstwort, wenn andere nicht gefallen? 🙂
    Herzliche Grüße, Hannes Treichl

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