Jochen Robes über Bildung, Lernen und Trends

Designing Learning in the Conceptual Age

Suzanne Roberts, e-Learning-Spezialistin bei IBM, wirbt hier für ein „new paradigm in learning“. Sie hat Daniel Pink gelesen und ist (wie ich) begeistert. Was sie aus ihrer Lektüre und ihren Erfahrungen ableitet, ist die Forderung nach „significance“: „design which engages learners on an emotional level“.

„Designing instruction for today’s learner means transcending the facts — the skills and knowledge you must impart — to provide context and emotional impact. We have to engage learners in experiences to which they can relate in the context of their own lives; we have to find a way to empathize and create learning that caters to their needs. Activities, scenarios, feedback, storytelling, simulations and interaction enable learners to explore, have fun, and see for themselves the value of the training.“
Suzanne Robert, Workforce Performance Newsline, 6 Juli 2006