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What is Informal Learning?

Als ich letzte Woche einige Artikel zum Thema „Informelles Lernen“ zusammengefasst habe, habe ich diesen Überblick von Jay Cross glatt übersehen. Viele vertraute Punkte werden angesprochen. Hervorzuheben ist vielleicht, was er zum Stichwort „The Business Case“ sagt:

„Executives don’t want learning; they want execution. They want performance. Informal does not mean unintentional. Those who leave informal learning to chance leave money on the table. Informal learning is a profit strategy. Companies use it to:
– Improve knowledge worker productivity 20% – 30%
– Increase sales by Google-izing product knowledge
– Generate fresh ideas and increase innovation
– Transform an organization from near-bankruptcy to record profits
– Reduce stress, absenteeism, and healthcare costs
– Invest development resources where they will have the most impact
– Increase professionalism and professional growth
– Cut costs and improve responsiveness with self-service learning“

Jay Cross, Informal Learning, 20 Mai 2006
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