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The Six Patterns of Work

Ein interessanter Artikel! Die Autoren haben sich Knowledge Worker und ihre Arbeitsprozesse angeschaut und sechs unterschiedliche Arbeitstypen identifiziert (die Rede ist von „information management patterns“): Concierge, Keeper, Processor, Broker, Player, Specialist.

„Early in the project, it became clear that everyone creates “collections” of information and objects related to their work, and they arrange this stuff in three primary stages — active, anticipated and archived — to help them remember what they have and how it fits in their work flow. In other words, keeping is directly related to using. More than personal style, how people arrange and manage what’s in their workspace depends on the work they do.“
Ich hatte jedenfalls keine Probleme, mich zuzuordnen! (via elearningpost)
Steelcase, April 2006
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