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e-learning: some still don’t get it

Aus dem Leben, dem wirklichen: „Yesterday I had to give a presentation – a pitch actually – to the director of training of a very large organization for developing an e-learning course. Here’s what happened:

PLAN: this guy, being a director, would be strategic in thinking. He would want to know about the benefits of the course and the design and how to make it all work. Right?

THE PITCH: collaboration and decision-making are key. E-learning needs to be made meaningful, and by that we mean social and interesting. Learners want to see different perspectives from the ground-level not subject-matter level… and so on. Basically trying to paint the e-learning 2.0 picture without using any of the jargon.

OUTCOME: After half an hour, he says, „Can you show me animations with smooth transitions? The last vendor showed some nifty ones.“

It’s situations like these that make me want to pull my hair out. Screw all this e-learning bit; better to sell peanuts on the roadside. At least I’ll retain the dignity of having decent conversations.“
Maish Nichani, elearningpost, 11 Februar 2006
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