Jochen Robes über Bildung, Lernen und Trends

The State of the E-Learning Market

Der Titel führt etwas in die Irre, denn in diesem Artikel dreht es sich vor allem um Learning Management Systeme. Zwei Absätze fand ich besonders interessant, weil sie einen kritischen Blick auf die Zukunft dieses Marktes werfen:

Zum einen: „One of the most alarming trends – from the vendor’s point of view, not the consumer’s – is that e-learning products are starting to look more and more alike, particularly in the off-the-shelf (OTS) content and platform areas of the business.“

Zum anderen: „Whatever direction the industry takes, not everything will be decided by what customers need and what vendors can come up with to offer. Baird’s Urdan predicts that we will see continued consolidation among the remaining players on both the platform and content sides of the business. But that consolidation will be driven by investors, not the industry. „These companies are generating enough cash to remain [afloat], but they aren’t generating the kinds of profit margins that will keep investors happy over the long haul,“ he says. „At some point, investors are going to lose patience with them.“
Sarah Boehle , Training Mag, Januar 2006
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