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Handbook of Enquiry and Problem-based Learning

Heute ist Zeit für etwas Grundlagenarbeit: Die All Ireland Society for Higher Education hat ein Kompendium herausgebracht, das sich in einer Reihe von Artikeln dem Thema „Enquiry- and Problem-based Learning“ widmet. Der Ausgangspunkt ist mit folgender Definition beschrieben:

„EBL [Enquiry-Based Learning; JR] represents a shift away from more passive methods, which involve the transmission of knowledge to students to more facilitative teaching methods through which students are expected to construct their own knowledge and understandings by engaging in supported processes of enquiry, often carried out in small groups. EBL is thus situated within the broader tradition of student-centred learning (Dewey, 1938).“ (Peter Kahn und Karen O’Rourke: Understanding Enquiry-based Learning)

Es folgen Artikel zu den Stichpunkten:
– Designing Enquiry and Problem-based Learning
– Tutoring Enquiry and Problem-based Learning
– Assessing Student Learning
– Listening to Students‘ Experiences
– Linking Education to the World of Work
– Developing, Supporting and Managing Learning Initiatives
– Reviewing and Researching Learning Initiatives
All Ireland Society for Higher Education, 2 Dezember 2005
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