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Revisiting Kirkpatrick’s Level One

Es ist schon interessant: Alle Welt weiß um die fehlende Aussagekraft von „Happy Sheets“, aber es wird sie noch in 10 Jahren geben. Mindestens. Dann natürlich durchgehend automatisiert, web-basiert und integriert in Learning Management Systeme. Deshalb die folgenden Zeilen ganz schnell lesen und dann wieder vergessen!

„The typical smile sheet is a lazy and ineffective approach to evaluating learner satisfaction. It may give you a warm and comfortable feeling about your course or your performance as a trainer, or it may raise a few alarm flags. But the data that it produces is not always actionable, is rarely valid, and often misses the important issues. …
We see in our smile-sheet results what we want to see, and react to those things that we regard as relevant. If we are so smug in our knowledge that we know what is going on anyway, why do we bother with token smile sheets at all?“

Godfrey Parkin, Parkin’s Lot, 11 August 2005
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