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Dan Pink Interview: „A Whole Mind“

Ein schönes Interview mit einem bemerkenswerten Autor. Dan Pink hat gerade „A Whole Mind – Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age“ geschrieben und viele begeistert. In diesem Interview gibt er Auskunft über zwei der „key aptitudes for effective workers and leaders in the Conceptual Age“, design und story. In seiner letzten Antwort konnte ich mich sogar wiederfinden:

ELLIOTT MASIE: Dan, I close out every one of my interviews by asking a same question to folks, which is a learning question, which is, if you were to describe yourself as a learner, what’s Dan Pink like as a learner? How do you go about learning things?

DAN PINK: I am a reader and a questioner. I am less good at listening, especially in school. Lectures didn’t do it for me. What did it for me was reading something, absorbing it and then talking to people about it. That’s how I learn.“
Elliott Masie, Learning 2005, 10 August