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A Cautionary Tale …. (on Virtual Learning Environments)

„Here’s a little cautionary tale about open source VLE Software, university service departments and the greasy pole. I warn you, it’s a long story but it’s also very different from what you’re used to on this mailing list and you might enjoy it. I’m no longer employed by the University in question (and after this the bridge is burnt) but names are omitted because I can’t afford to hire a lawyer to check this summary with the source material.“

Die Leidensgeschichte eines Betroffenen, der sich mit viel Engagement auf die Möglichkeiten des Web stürzte und schließlich zwischen allen Stühlen saß. Oder, aus anderer Perspektive: Open Source vs. Commercial Software. Mein „Lieblingssatz“: „… My personal ethics are now clear on this – I was payed by the British taxpayer so the software belonged to the British taxpayer …“
Jon, JISCmail, 15 Juli 2005