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Rapid eLearning for Sales Training

Zwischen kurzen Hinweisen, welche Vorteile Rapid eLearning für sales reps bietet, und einigen Ratschlägen, die bei der Umsetzung entsprechender Lösungen beachtet werden sollten, habe ich folgende Empfehlung gefunden:

Don’t make learners go hunting.
The more that learners have to go out of their way to access learning content, the less likely they are to do so. The ability to push content to sales in a way that reps are not likely to ignore – such as email; or integrate content into the applications they live in each day, such as CRM, makes it easy for learners to consume training content, and for you to maximize learning results and the effectiveness of your sales force.“

I couldn’t agree more. Nicht nur mit Blick auf sales reps.
Joe Gustafson, LTI Newsline, 16 Juni 2005
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