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Open source in education – something has got to change

Der Eintrag hat eine Geschichte, die auch mit der Pressemitteilung von WebCT zusammenhängt, zukünftig stärker die Interoperabilität mit Open Source Software zu verfolgen. Der Autor, James Farmer, hat einen klaren Standpunkt:

„I contend that our universities, schools and other educational institutions are wasting enormous amounts of money and making huge mistakes using commercial software where open source software could do as good as or better a job.

I’m not arguing for a total ban on proprietary software, not possible (yet) but let’s start by getting rid of MS Office for Open Office, editing our Audio with Audacity, unzipping and more with 7-Zip, FTP-ing with Filezilla, emailing with Thunderbird (we still use paid Eudora… how funny is that :o), drawing with Inkscape, creating pdfs with PDFcreator and more. Heck, roll on over to the OSSWin project to find hundreds of ways that you could save enormous amounts of money.“

Genauso interessant wie der Eintrag selbst sind die anschließenden Kommentare! (via Stephen Downes)
James Farmer, incorporated subversion, 14 Juni 2005
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