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Learning Innovations

Godfrey Parkin war auf einer Konferenz („Innovations in E-learning„, US Naval Education and Training Command and the Defence Acquisition University) und berichtet ganz angetan: „I’m happy to report that learning will thrive, but trainers will have to merge back into operational roles. Oh, and Training Departments are dead, at least as we know them. As are Learning Management Systems and any other relics of centralized distribution of learning. Learning that is informal, collaborative, contextual, real-time, and peer-generated, will be the mode of tomorrow.“

Am meisten begeisterte ihn dabei („eye-opener“), was ein Vertreter von IBM erzählte und was er wie folgt zitiert bzw. zusammenfasst: „The most profound shift that will take place in training over the next three years is a movement away from traditional, formal, course-based learning (classroom or online) and towards clever integration into the workflow of learning-enabling tools like Instant Messaging and informal collaboration processes.“ I couldn’t agree more.
Godfrey Parkin, Parkin’s Lot, 14 Juni 2005
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Nachtrag (17 Juni): George Siemens merkte einen aus meiner Sicht wichtigen Punkt an:
„I agree that the rise of informal learning will be a significant trend in the elearning industry. I don’t think, however, that we will see LMS‘ disappearing. The situation drives the tool. In formal, course-based learning, many organizations will continue to adopt an LMS. I’m personally much more excited about informal, collaborative learning than I am about LMS-based learning. But learning isn’t a one dimensional experience – it has many facets, requiring many different approaches. Hopefully, advocates for informal learning won’t take the same „our way is the only way“ approach adopted by proponents of formal learning. There is room and need for both.“