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7 things you should know about Social Bookmarking

Ich hatte vor einigen Tagen bereits auf dieses Thema hingewiesen, das wunderbar an das vorangehende Bloglines-Tutorial anschließt. EDUCAUSE hat dazu einen kurzen und verständlichen Überblick geschrieben, dessen handlungsorientierte Einführung die Sache auf den Punkt bringt:

„Professor Smith does much of his work on the Web these days. When he is not teaching or doing primary research,he spends time on the Web looking for information related to his area of expertise. Dr. Smith gets his information from many sources: he receives e-mail newsletters from professional organizations and colleagues, he subscribes to several dozen RSS newsfeeds, and he uses search engines to help uncover resources that may be of value in his teaching and research.

He uses folders in his Web browser to organize bookmarks of online resources, but this practice has become inefficient. If a resource is relevant to several topic areas, he has to save that bookmark in multiple folders. At times he will discover that his essential bookmarks are on his home machine while he is at the office. Other times he is fairly confident that the bookmarked site is on his machine, but the process of finding one site out of hundreds of bookmarks is more difficult than refinding it using Google. Often Dr. Smith needs to share bookmarks with students and colleagues; this task requires finding the reference and e-mailing it.“

Und dann ist da Dr. Brown, der alles ganz anders macht. (via Stephen Downes)
Cyprien Lomas, EDUCAUSE, Mai 2005 (pdf)
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