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New Paradigms for Learning

Haben wir als Learning Professionals wirklich schon begriffen, dass „corporate employees, particularly knowledge workers, learn three times more from informal experiences than they do in formal courses“?? Und was das für unsere Arbeit und unser Rollenverständnis bedeutet? Für alle, die meinen, im Bildungscontrolling und Learning Management gute Gründe zu finden, um bei dem zu bleiben, was man schon immer getan hat, hat Godfrey Parkin auch eine Antwort (und keine schlechte, wie ich finde):

„Perhaps we are afraid to embark on any initiatives where the ROI cannot be readily measured or guesstimated. Or perhaps we live in a business world where projects that stray too far from conventional thinking will not be funded. Exploring and experimentation are frowned upon in the world of corporate learning, because it is not only financially risky, it threatens to rock the boat if successful. Rock the boat? Christopher Columbus found the cash to take three small boats over the edge of the world, and you can bet that his PowerPoint presentation to the Queen of Spain had really fuzzy ROI calculations in it.“
Godfrey Parkin, Parkin’s Lot, 18 März 2005
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