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Going Home – Our Reformation

Weblogs, Wikis, Social Software, Google. Welches Potenzial steckt in diesen Anwendungen? Es gibt immer mehr Stimmen, die sagen, dass wir es hier nicht nur mit Innovationen zu tun haben, sondern dass wir am Beginn einer neuen Ära stehen – vergleichbar mit der Ära Gutenbergs. Auf eine dieser Stimmen hatte ich vor einiger Zeit hingewiesen: Doug Rushkoff’s „Renaissance Prospects“.

Und jetzt dieser wundervolle Artikel von Robert Paterson!! Selbst wenn man nicht jeder Idee folgen mag, ist es eine inspirierende Beschreibung dessen, was sein könnte – eine Vision, geleitet vom Glauben an die Community („Going Home“!) und die Möglichkeiten neuer Technologien. Unbedingt lesen!

„Is not our great problem that the great institutions of our time, government, healthcare, education, arts and entertainment, even business, no longer serve us but only themselves?“

„So let’s return to today. The two most important life giving structures are in place. They are Google and the Blog. They are both spaces in which life unfolds and then grows. They are interrelated and they support each other. They are both Generative Spaces. It is their interaction that I believe will transform our world.“
(via Stephen Downes)
Robert Paterson, Robert Paterson’s Weblog, 26 Februar 2005
[Kategorien: New Thinking]

„Now we take it for granted that education is a linear process that leads to a credential. Now we expect that healthcare is an intervention by special people who deliver drugs and procedures. We take it for granted in business that we can have an economy or a healthy biosphere but not both. We take it for granted that work, family and education are separate processes that compete for our time. We think that it is normal to have a job and a manager. We believe that having more things will make us happy. We accept that we have no real say in the governance of our work place. Bombarded by millions of messages telling us what to buy, to eat to wear and to do, we have no confidence in our own innate judgment about what is good for us.“

„The idea that knowledge is an object is an industrial artifact. Knowledge is more than facts; it is about understanding and participation. Google enables you to find the best person and the best conversation.“

„At the centre of conversation is the Blog. At the heart of the Blog is the authentic voice. The product of the authentic voice is community. The end game of community is identity. Identity is the answer of the greatest question that any human can ask which is “Who am I?”“