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Why this „Internet thing“ is just starting

„Yes, it’s only been ten years. And despite our memories of the crash of 2000, here are ten reasons why I believe that there’s about to be a significant flourishing of Net companies and business successes, not to mention extremely cool things for the rest of us:“

Die zehn Gründe des Autors lauten: 1. Penetration, 2. Bandwidth, 3. Tools, 4. Servers, 5. WiFi, 6. Multimedia, 7. Grandmothers („It is no longer necessary to explain to the average American (of any generation) what this „Internet thing“ is. Google has made the world safe for entrepreneurs. Don’t underestimate how important this is.“), 8. Teenagers, 9. VC, 10. The death of TV.
Amüsant und überzeugend.
Seth Godin’s BLOG, 7 Februar 2005
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