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UKeU inquiry draws to a close? – some reflections and a challenge

Die UK eUniversity (UKeU) steht kurz vor der Abwicklung, so dass sich derzeit die Presseberichte wieder häufen. Derek Morrison hat ein Jahr lang im Learning System Team der UKeU mitgearbeitet und kann einige interessante Kommentare zur aktuellen Anhörung liefern:

„Sir Brian contends UKeU faced four challenges, apparently, all were underestimated.
– First existing platforms were not considered up to the job. Existing platforms, like Blackboard and WebCT were perceived as primarily campus-oriented products and … I applaud this … one goal was the “ … incorporation of material outside that which is available to the normal teaching and learning coordinates“.
– Second, moving the culture of learning and teaching to a point where it could exploit new opportunities offered by digital technologies …
– Third, understanding overseas markets and establishing relationships with other higher education bodies with different cultural traditions.
– Fourth, attracting the private sector.“

Was bleibt, ist ein 50 Mio Euro Desaster.
Derek Morrison, Auricle, 31 Januar 2005
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