Jochen Robes über Bildung, Lernen und Trends

An End-of-Year Conversation with e-Learning Leaders

Interessante Statements von sechzehn Experten sind hier unter Topics wie „Changing realities“, „Higher education influences“, „It’s about technology – or is it?“, „And it’s about learning“ u.a. zusammengefasst. Es ist nicht immer einfach zuzuordnen, wer was gesagt hat, aber das Ganze geht weit über das hinaus, was man bei ähnlichen Anlässen erwarten darf – der Redakteurin Patti Shank sei Dank! Am Ende darf jeder Experte und jede Expertin übrigens noch „seine“/“ihre“ Literatur und Links empfehlen … Kurz einige Auszüge:

„Jay [Cross] says he expects to see a decline of courseware in favor of learning bursts, knowledge systems, expertise location, and collaboration.“

Training metrics need to break the ‚four levels of education‘ barrier. They need to be more and more powered by business process monitoring and analytics, moving metrics towards real-time tracking and reporting of performance and business results.“ (Harvey Singh)

„Bill Ellet sees some of the fastest e-Learning growth and innovation in online degree programs and thinks that these innovations will soon cross over into the corporate training market.“

„Saul [Carliner] says the movement to use electronic portfolios as a tool for assessing learners and certifying life knowledge intrigues him. … One challenge, he feels, is to figure out how to use e-portfolios to assess adults in their journey of life-long learning.“
Patti Shank, The eLearning Developers‘ Journal, 6 Dezember 2004 (pdf)
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