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WebCT: a major shift of emphasis

Diese Studie vergleicht das aktuelle Learning Management System von WebCT (Campus Edition) mit der neuen Version dieses Anbieters (Vista). Nun, ich habe keine Erfahrungen mit WebCT („Today, it is used by 10 million students at over 2,500 universities and colleges in 80 countries …“, heisst es im Artikel), und so bin ich weniger bei den Details des Produktvergleichs als beim abschließenden Statement hängengeblieben:

„With so many comparable open source softwares emerging for course management, containing more varied features than WebCT, one has to wonder: how long can such costly proprietary products survive? In the case of WebCT, the short answer to this is – possibly two years. If, as has been suggested, the vendor will no longer support earlier versions than Vista after 2006, it will either gather massive upgrade payments from many of its clients in the interim, or will lose them altogether to the new OSS systems. So is this WebCT’s last attempt to make large amounts of money in the face of the growing OSS challenge, its ‚last hurrah?'“ (via Stephen Downes)

Barbara Morningstar, Jeremy Schubert und Kristine Thibeault, International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning (IRRODL), November 2004
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