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Learning without lessons

Welche Bedeutung informelle Lernprozesse besitzen, wird besonders deutlich, wenn man small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) näher betrachtet, wie es die Autorinnen getan haben. Sie haben so eine Reihe interessanter Beobachtungen zusammengetragen – aber es hätten gerne mehr sein dürfen.

„The research found a wide range of formal and informal learning of different types taking place in the firms participating in the study. Many interviewees talked about the value of prior experience equipping them to do their jobs and the phrases ‚trial and error‘ and ‚learning by mistakes‘ were mentioned frequently. There was also a preference for individual coaching and mentoring, rather than for more structured learning leading to national qualifications.“
Maria Hughes und Lisa Doyle, learning and skills development agency, November 2004
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