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E-Learning Adventures Beyond the LMS

„To corporate decision-makers, the treasure map of e-learning has an island in the centre, seductively illuminated by those clever marketing folks of the learning software industry, with a big X over the Learning Management System (LMS) right in the middle. Outside of that island is blank space populated only by “here be dragons” warnings.“

Der aktuelle Fokus auf Learning Management Systeme, so der Autor, mag zwar aus organisatorischer Sicht richtig sein, für den Lerner hat er jedoch bis heute wenig Fortschritte oder gar Innovationen gebracht. Viel Potenzial liegt brach: „Many LMS vendors don’t „get“ learning. Can it really be that they don’t get the internet either?“ (via Stephen Downes)
Godfrey Parkin, Parkin’s Lot, 14 November 2004
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