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An Update from the Digital World

Getting news / information when you want it is getting easier and easier…
The Internet has become a leading source for news and information over the past decade, but we believe the emerging acceptance (by users and publishers) of Web content syndication services will drive even broader / deeper usage of the Internet as an increasingly relevant news and information medium. We see three factors that are combining to drive momentum: 1) rising usage of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) by content providers as a standard distribution platform for online content; 2) ramp in the creation of blogs and other user-generated content; and 3) Yahoo!’s easy-to-use integration of RSS feeds (including blogs) that was rolled out in beta to its distribution channel of 25MM+ My Yahoo! users in late September.“

Zweifelsohne, die Researcher von Morgan Stanley haben ihre Hausaufgaben gemacht und einen nützlichen Überblick über aktuelle Internet-Trends produziert, allen voran RSS und Blogs. Dazu wird phantasievoll über zukünftige Geschäftsmodelle nachgedacht. Dieses KnowHow findet man selten! (Oder es kostet viel Geld!) Interessant auch folgender Ausblick:
„In general, we believe ongoing improvements in the following areas will be important to watch: 1) search; 2) personalization; 3) user-generated content (including blogs, reviews, images and audio); 4) music; 5) short- and long-form video; and 6) accessibility (including mobile devices and the PC desktop).“
Mary Meeker und Brian Pitz, Morgan Stanley, 26 Oktober 2004 (pdf)
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