Jochen Robes über Bildung, Lernen und Trends

Learn to Measure to Learn!

Zwei Punkte dieser Opening Key Note sind interessant und können leicht auf andere Themen, wie z.B. das Bildungscontrolling, übertragen werden:
„The main problem with all measurement systems is that it is not possible to measure social phenomena with anything close to scientific accuracy. … All social measurement systems are very fragile and open to manipulation and there is very little we can do about it!

Um so wichtiger, dass man weiss, warum man etwas misst, sagen Sveiby und Armstrong. „Report performance to internal management“? „Report to external stakeholders“? Alles schön und gut, so die Autoren, aber offen für jedwede Manipulation. Wie wäre es stattdessen mit „Measure for Learning!“

„I believe the purpose of the measuring exercise is crucial. If we don’t clarify it first-hand we will never escape from the rut, but will continue to use measuring for control purposes. The art of measuring intangibles is too imprecise to be used for control purposes – let us instead regard the measuring process as an invitation to a learning dialogue in our endless quest to understand the wonderful world around us.“ Wie schon gesagt, es war eine Key Note!
Karl-Erik Sveiby und Charles Armstrong, IC Congress, Helsinki, 2 September 2004 (pdf)
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